Flipper's Skate School
No books. No homework. No tests. School is cool. At least at Flipper’s. Maybe you’re a beginner or maybe it’s been awhile. No judgment here. We have sessions to get you started, get you back on your skates or help you get to the next level. Find the right fit below.
Rolling 101 (18+)

Don’t let them fool you — everyone was a beginner once. Get rolling with this hour-long session for first-timers and novice skaters. We’ll show you the ropes and teach you the basics of skating forward, stopping and dropping, and before you know it, you’ll be weaving, cruising and showing out with a few dance steps. Hang around after the lesson for a free two-hour skate session.

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Intro to Turning Heads (18+)

You’re not new to this, but there’s always something new to learn. Pick up some fresh moves and level up with this one-hour skill session that focus on skate routines (i.e. G-Slide), specific moves (i.e. dips and pivots) and freestyling. Special Guest Instructors drop in from time to time, so you might be in for a surprise. Stick around for a complimentary two-hour skate session and start turning some heads after class.

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Next Gen Education (Ages 5-17)

Take it from Flipper’s daughter Liberty — when you start them young, they’ll never stop. We’ll get your youngsters comfortable on the floor with games, instruction and activities in a fun and engaging hour-long session. We’ll go over proper rink etiquette, skate safety, show them how to glide and stop, and teach them techniques that will boost their confidence so one day they become regulars. Each class comes with a complimentary two-hour skate session so they can keep rolling.

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